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Whether representing businesses or hourly employees, William Sanders Law (WSL) believes in first-rate legal representation for all

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William Douglas Sanders, Jr.
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Practice Areas

WSL Has You Covered

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Personal Injury

By engaging WSL after you've suffered an injury, you obtain an experienced litigator adept at maximizing recovery for injuries sustained, as well as an advocate focused on reducing the event's future recurrence

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Criminal Defense

WSL takes pride in earnestly representing clients who've been accused of a crime. My straight-forward and open communication approach allows for an informational calmness in the decision-making process

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Landlord TEnant

WSL has assisted a wide range of clients who were faced with the eviction process while living in houses, apartment buildings, and other residential properties. Let's discuss your unique situation today

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Asset Forfeiture

As the seizure of "contraband" became more widespread during lawful searches throughout the late 20th century, so too did the need for representation like WSL that can recoup what's rightfully yours

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Civil Rights

Due to the complexity involved in litigating federal suits, a civil rights claim requires experienced representation such as WSL to review your case, and assist with developing your legal options

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Business formation

While forming a legally registered business can be both exhilarating and stressful due to varying levels of intricacies regarding your myriad options, WSL is on hand to ease the burden and simplify your process

About William Sanders

A highly acclaimed attorney at your service

At some between or another, I committed myself to contributing to the improvement of individual circumstances. William Sanders Law is the manifestation of that commitment, as well as an expression of my absolute opposition to injustice

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William Sanders
owner of WSL

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What My Clients Say About WSL

My clients, and peers alike, consistently recommend the services of WSL. By hiring WSL to handle your case, you're getting an attorney who will fight strategically, diligently, and passionately on your behalf every step of the way

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“William Sanders is a great, professional and very capable attorney. He has the greatest bedside mannerism. Meaning: He doesn't treat you like a number or the next victim. He takes the time to explain in detail what, when & how things will be processed/completed and I think that alone makes him far better than any attorney in Texas.“

Trudy Reed-ward
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